7 mins ONLY Couscous | Vegan & Raw

If you’re in a rush but love to eat good food this one is for you! It’s raw and colorful creating the rainbow on your plate this feels delicious in the body!

Prep time:7 mins (6 if you’re used to chopping)
Cooking time: 0
Serves 4-6

300g of thin couscous
5 Lemons
1 cucumber
1/2 half red cabbage (or a small red cabbage head)
3 normal size carrots
Fresh coriander
50g of pomegranates (OPTIONAL)
3 t.spoon quality olive oil

First thing – make sure you have good quality and thin couscous – if we want it raw that is what is needed to make this recipe.
img_5628I personally use the Primeal couscous (please see photo) it also has dehydrated edible flowers in it so it’s extra cute.

Step 1
Cut the lemon in half and squeeze all it’s juice in the bowl (container) you will be using to make your couscous – add the couscous in the liquid and let it sit for 5-6mins.

Step 2
Meanwhile get a chopping board, chop your veggies in small dices (the smaller the better it is when chewing).
Obviously, chop your favorite veggie more than the others O:)
Set aside and chop the coriander (as per liking) you can also replace it with parsley

Step 3
After 5-6 mins check on the couscous (have a little try) then add the veggies, the olive oil and the coriander. Taste it. Add salt and pepper if necessary but really it’s delicious without it and unless you’re really using quality salt and not eating a lot of processed food (I’d say to you that a break from it is not a bad idea).
Add the pomegranate seeds if you want to and TADA you’re done!

Quick, effective and DELICIOUS! 
Leave me a comment below if you enjoyed this food & feel free to share with friends.
Oh and don’t forget to enjoy! Screen-free!

Quick tip if you brought a whole pomegranate:
First thing, don’t use it all, and second thing use a big bowl full of water to deseeded the fruit. The seeds will sink down and the excess will float – then it’s just easier to separate them.

With love & light,

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