Ground Down | Nov | Mauritius

November 15, 2019 - November 17, 2019 Om Shanti, Black River

This immersion is about diving into the exploration of yourself.
Starting from the physical body – we will focus on not only our posture and what signals and message we send out and receive depending on our physiology.
On both morning we will start the day, meditating, doing some pranayama (breathe work) and practicing yoga for an hour and a half – aiming to re-create the connection to this inner-knowledge that guides and moves us through this life.
Another aspect of the physical body is how you nourish yourself – what consciousness is developed around your food and most importantly how do you eat are pillars for proper nourishment of the physical self.
We will cover some nutrition workshop that will inevitably give you answers to these questions.
As well as savoring delicious homemade vegan goodies.

“There is more than what we see”
The transformations happen from within – when the subtle body changes. When we talk subtle we talk energy and there is a lot that we do on our physical journey that impacts and redirect our energies. Becoming mindful of your thoughts, your beliefs and emotions is a necessity to jump on the next leap of your discovery. Through enlightening these areas of the self – we will then be able to consciously choose our focus, choose the directions that are calling us and decide to view life for what it is instead of what we want it to be.
Through the breathe, the subtility of the movement, the intention of the meditation, the awareness of the nourishment, this retreat offers you an opportunity to ground down into yourself.
Accept and respect your body, your temple.
Review the mindset, your lense.
It is not only a cleanse that you will be going through but most importantly a leap into new possibilities that align with your intentions.
Shifting unconscious to conscious – the work we do impact all people around, under and above us.
We make a difference


With love & light



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November 15, 2019 - November 17, 2019 Om Shanti, Black River



Om Shanti, Black River